The George Grant Society (GGS) is an online publishing effort that examines culture, politics, and economics from a progressive-conservative perspective. The editors of the GGS are scholars and students dedicated to ensuring that George Grant's political vision continues to play a fertile and decisive role in public policy and debate.

Ron Dart

Ron has an interest in Canadian Nationalism, Canadian Red/High Toryism, Literature and Politics, Religion and Politics, Human Rights, World Religions, International Relations, International Organizations, the clash between the Ancients and the Moderns, Political Philosophy, Mountaineering and Mountaineering Culture, Ecology and Politics.

Ron is the Political Science advisor to the Stephen Leacock Home/Museum, on the National Executive of the Thomas Merton Society of Canada, and he has written/published on George Grant, Stephen Leacock and Thomas Merton. He teaches Political Science at the University of the Fraser Valley. 

His latest works on George Grant and Red Tory philosophy include:

Vaughn MacDonald

MacDonald is a founding editor of the George Grant Society and co-owner of Black Squirrel Books, a bookstore specializing in politics, literature and philosophy. He lives in Ottawa.


D. Ernesto Velarde

Velarde is a founding editor of the George Grant Society and holds an MA in History from the University of Toronto. He works in the field of digital cultural preservation.

The George Grant Society publishes a diversity of voices to help promote dialogue on important issues that may be polarizing or politically-charged. These contributions do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation or its editors.